About company

International trade occupies an important place in modern business. However, it is difficult to imagine international trade relations without an efficiently organized logistics system. As an experienced and successful logistics company, we will help make it logical and easy for you.

One of our main direction is the delivery of used cars from USA.  We particularly for each client provide a service of the selection, checking, purchase and further delivery vehicle to the destination point.

Our company also major in deliveries of construction, agricultural and other specialized equipment. Our employees will provide individual support to build long-term customer relationships based on superior service and experience.

Today, Hermes International is consistently recognized as a fast-growing transportation and logistics company, a great supply chain partner, a freight broker in USA and leading project cargo manager. ur mission is to be the best resource for our clients in providing the most efficient and professional transport and logistics services.

Hermes International Logistics is an international logistics company that was founded more than 10 years ago and is currently actively developing. You can contact the US office of our company to get help with:

  • Solving issues with the US customs clearance service for imports;
  • Conducting the classification and evaluation of products;
  • Obtaining quotas and restrictions on imports to the United States (textiles, clothing, USDA products, steel and iron, butter, cocoa, milk and cheese).
  • Payment of duties, taxes, refund or reimbursement of duties.

Last year, for the convenience of customers, an office was opened in Odessa. This representative office specializes in:

  • ground transportation of cars and other equipment in the United States,
  • stuffing in a container
  • execution of export documents
  • sea freight to major ports.

The representative office of Hermes International Logistics in the city of Odessa interacts with a large number of American partners, which allows you to:

  • control the process of collecting cars from the auction,
  • is in touch with the driver at the time of pick-up of a car and signal to customers about possible problem points;
  • timely analyze and respond to problems encountered;
  • control the process of loading and sending cars and other equipment in order to avoid damage.